Lots of things to go over, so pay attention, there may be a quiz later.


Interesting to see outfielder Jonathan Van Every at first base with roving infield instructor Bruce Crabbe before Sundays’ game at McCoy.  It looked like Crabbe was going over the nuances of the position with JV.  The Red Sox are always looking for ways to increase the values and versatility of their players.  Brandon Moss played first base for the PawSox in 2008 before being traded to the Pirates.  Moss is the rightfielder for Pittsburgh.  Van Every may be one of the finest defensive outfielders I’ve ever watched.  The best may be Jeremy Owens, who played center for Pawtucket in 2004.




Javy Lopez is back in a PawSox uniform.  The tall lefty spent parts of 2006 and 2007 with the PawSox, appearing in 74 games.  Lopez is a classy guy, who almost sounded like he empathized with Terry Francona when Tito told him he was going to be designated for assignment. Lopez was philosophical when speaking about his demotion to Pawtucket, basically saying that he had the opportunity, but didn’t get the job done.




Spent an entire flight on Saturday sitting with second baseman Travis Denker.  Denker and I watched a surfing video on his laptop.  An avid surfer himself, he spoke with great passion about riding the waves in his native California.  His dad taught him the ropes.  When Travis was three years old, he was such a proficient skateboarder that he worked for the company “Vans”.  Vans is best known for their surfer and boarder gear, primarily slip-on sneakers.  Denker worked as a promotional skateboarder for Vans for about 8 years.  His cousins had a ramp built in the back of their house in California, where they skated with some other young guys who turned out to be the nucleus of the TV series and movie “Jackass”.  Denker was quick to add that the only skateboading he does these days is around his apartment complex.  Denker was involved in a car accident the other night while riding in a taxicab in Toledo.  The driver rear-ended a car stopped at a light.  Luckily, Denker was wearing a seatbelt.  He was not hurt.




Freddy Guzman joined the PawSox Saturday. The speedy outfielder lead the I.L. in stolen bases in 2008.  He has stolen as many as 90 bases in a minor league season.  A funny moment as RJ made contact with him on the phone for the first time.  After a conversation that covered what, when and where Guzman needed to be on Saturday, RJ thought for a moment and asked- “By the way Freddy, do you know who I am?”    Guzman did.




With the Red Sox out west, we got another glimpse of Daisuke Matsuzaka on Sunday as the Japanese righty threw a “bullpen” session at McCoy Stadium.  The entourage of media was riveted to every pitch that Dice threw.  He was under the watchful eye of Pawtucket pitching coach Rich Sauveur.




Mercifully, the PawSox snapped a string of 39 and a third innings of scoreless baseball on Saturday.  Sean Danielson scored a run in the third inning on Tuesday and no one crossed home plate again until the sixth inning on Saturday as Chris Carter belted a 2 run double off the centerfield wall.




Looking forward to the return of Kevin Youkilis to the Boston lineup.  That should be soon, as Youk is set to make a pair of rehab appearances at McCoy Monday and Tuesday.  Kevin is slated to DH on Monday and play first base on Tuesday.  The former PawSox mainstay has turned himself into one of the best all-around players in the Majors.


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