The good news is that Clay Buchholz was awesome again on Wednesday.  The young Texan baffled Toledo hitters, striking out 11 in 8 shutout innings.  His changeup was a work of art, and it was a tremendously encouraging performance.  His dominant effort was for naught, however, as Eddie Bonine kept pawSox hitters off balance in the rare morning game at Fifth Third Field.  Bonine gave up a single to Dusty Brown in the second inning and he was the ONLY Pawtucket baserunner of the day.  Bonine was nearly perfect, retiring 27 of 28 batters.  The PawSox lost 1-0 in 10 innings.  They are 2-3 in extra innings in 2009.  The old adage of a “broken clock being right twice a day”  applied as Toledo scoring just 1 run against Pawtucket came true again, the Hens have scored just 5 runs in 6 games against the PawSox.




The PawSox had to play without Chris Carter.  Carter was summoned to the West Coast by Terry Francona, as the Red Sox put Kevin Youkilis on the disabled list with an oblique strain.  Once again the PawSox are doing their part to bolster the sagging troops in Beantown.




I wonder if the Village People had any ideas of the impact their hit from the ’70s, YMCA would have, even a generation later at ballparks.  During Wednesday’s game, 10,300 packed the park and most of them were up and on their feet when the old disco tune played.  It was a special school day celebration as youngsters were treated to some “day baseball.”  Ron Johnson once rode in a limo with the Village People, who were at a minor league park for a promotional appearance and concert.  I think RJ dressed as the policeman  




Getting back to the Youkilis injury, Francona did say tha Youk could possibly play a rehab game or two for the PawSox.  Of course, I’ll keep you posted.


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