As we were about to go on the air on Thursday afternoon, we learned that Manny Ramirez would be suspended for 50 games for testing positive for performance enhancing drugs.  The artful Dodger claims that it was due to a prescription he was given by a physician for an unspecified ailment.  I am not sure if it’s stupidity or arrogance in this case that lead Ramirez to think he could get away with this.  Does this put any type of asterisk next to the Red Sox World Series titles of 2004 and 2007?  Even if others were taking them at that time, I think Red Sox fans like to think they are superior to others.  A-Rod, Bonds, Clemens etc. are or were with OTHER teams.  Manny clearly didn’t just start with the ped’s when he went to L.A.  It is a bitter pill to swallow, but in this day and age, are we really surprised?




That’s disappointing, but this is sad, really very sad.  56 year old Jerry Remy has announced that he is suffering with lung cancer.  I surmised in this blog a couple of days ago that the RemDawg might be sicker than we were lead to believe.  Talk about a guy who has so much going for him.  Thousands and thousands of loyal citizens of Red Sox Nation have made Remy the most beloved figure around.  Pray for Jerry.




It’s always great to see Tommy Harper in the McCoy Stadium press box.  The former Boston centerfielder is a coach and consultant for the Sox.  One of his projects in the last couple of years is to work with Jacoby Ellsbury on his base-stealing.  Rather ironic, since Harper holds the single season mark for the Red Sox with 54 steals.  Ells is the man who figures to break the mark some time soon.  He swiped 50 bags as a rookie in 2008.  Harper, who played in the late ’60s and ’70’s is among the classiest individuals you’ll ever meet.  Even though it was not that long ago,  it’s hard to fathom the plight that Harper and other African-American players faced while racism was still rampant in Boston.




The PawSox catch a 7p.m. flight to Columbus tonight (Thu).  A certain member of the PawSox travel party always makes sure that a flight attendant wishes Manager Ron Johnson a happy birthday.  RJ’s birthday is actually March 23.  It’s always funny, even though Johnson doesn’t readily laugh.  He is a notoriously “bad flyer”.  He’d rather ride 10 hours in a bus than hop a 2 hour flight. 




Looking forward to our first trip to the new Huntington Park in the “arena district” of downtown Columbus.  It replaces the antiquated Cooper Stadium, which looked like you were walking into a time machine that stopped in 1969.  You’ll get a full report tomorrow.


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